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Job Checklist ✔ for 3CM Stone


PAPERWORK & INFORMATION REQUIRED: To avoid delay of your job, please make sure 3CM Stone has the following prior to your template appointment:

  1. Choice of material and thickness (2cm or 3cm) and location of your material.
  2. Edge detail choice, backsplash height and sink type selected (undermount, Farm, etc)
  3. Job Site Address
  4. Contact information for person in charge of scheduling
  5. Required signature on the “Estimate and Stone Work Sales Agreement”
  6. 6.Lien information notices signed (residential homeowners only)
  7. 7.50% deposit or assigned purchase order from customer is required.


  1. Cabinets must be fully installed, secured permanently in place and LEVEL.
  2. Tolerance is 1/8″ per 10′ run
  3. 2cm material requires 5/8″ plywood subdeck cut FLUSH to cabinets.
  4. 3cm material does not require a plywood subdeck.
  5. If you are using existing cabinets ALL old countertops must be removed and cabinet boxes must meet same standards as new cabinets (above). 3CM Stone may be contracted to handle old countertop removal for you, however, this must be contracted prior to template.


  1. Cooktop and/or range must be ON SITE at template. For cooktops only, a detail sheet for the model will suffice.
  2. Faucets & fixtures must be on site at install, (preferably at template if possible). If faucets are not on site it is acceptable for the customer to have marked hole placement, however customer takes full responsibility for placement and size if they choose to have holes cored without faucets on site. Return trips are subject to a minimum $250 trip charge.


  1. Undermount sinks must be set prior to template.
  2. 3CM Stone will set undermount sinks for $150 each, however, customer must request this prior to the template appointment.
  3. If customer requests sink setting at template with no prior notice the template appointment may be cancelled so we can make our other scheduled appointments for that day. Customer will be subject to a minimum $250 if additional trip is required.


  1. Customer or authorized representative must be on site during template and installation. If customer or authorized representative is not on site the template/installation will be cancelled and rescheduled. Return trips are subject to a minimum $250 trip charge.
  2. We must be notified of any scheduling conflicts that arise; paint, hardwood, lacquer, etc. We are happy to reschedule. Please give us as much notice as possible.
  3. Driveways: We require a safe, unobstructed access to the house. If driveway is under construction please let us know so we can reschedule if necessary.
  4. Electricity is needed for template and installation tools.

Please call us with any questions! 503.626.5150